So what is a Primitive Baptist?

Primitive Baptist Churches seek to follow the pattern of the first century Church of the New Testament. We believe the original, or primitive, Baptist church was instituted by Christ and His apostles.

Christ established His church during His earthly ministry. In so doing, He established Himself as the only head and promised its perpetuity, or continuance until His return.

The book of Acts shows how the Lord built His church and established other churches with the help of existing churches. We believe this shows how purity of doctrine and practice could be passed down for nearly two thousand years to the Primitive Baptist Church.

We have not always been known as Primitive Baptist. Before the splits in the early 19th century there was essentially one group called Baptist that taught the same principles of sovereign grace that we teach today. Other times in history we have been known as Lollards, Waldenses, Anabaptists, and a multitude of other names.

All of these groups have been a separate body from the majority religions throughout history. Primitive Baptists were never part of the Roman Catholic Church which began in the 4th century. And since we were not part of the Catholic church, we are not Protestant either. Many good men began teaching doctrines similar to ours during the reformation times, but none of them fully converted to the doctrines of grace. They also failed to reform unscriptural practices in worship.

While we claim to be of the same line of churches dating back to the Apostles, we do not claim to be perfect. We are made up of errant humans. We do, however, seek to worship the Lord exactly as He instructed while He walked here on earth.