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Luke 13:1-5 Turn Or Burn?

2017 January 31

Jesus came not to condemn. Therefore, His gospel should not be used to coerce belief through threats of condemnation.

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Private Christianity

2015 May 06

The more private our devotion, the brighter our light.

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A Confession

2015 March 20

Have you ever been persecuted for doing the right thing?

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The Purpose Of Good Works

2015 March 19

What do you do good works?

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2015 March 18

Are - present tense

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The Light Of The World

2015 March 17

Who is the most wise man on earth except the one who loves the Lord?

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Peter's Brother

2015 February 13

Tell me what you know about Andrew.

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Keeping Company With Sinners

2014 November 14

Are you truly a friend to sinners?

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Purple Hair And A Nose Ring

2014 November 13

What does a Christian look like?

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2014 November 03

Are you blocking someone's way to Jesus?

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Our Zeal For Others

2014 October 31

Run to the city of refuge!

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Come and See

2014 June 15

What is Biblical evangelism?

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