Posts for repentance

Luke 13:1-5 "Good Enough"

2017 February 01

Are you "good enough" for heaven?

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Luke 13:1-5 Turn Or Burn?

2017 January 31

Jesus came not to condemn. Therefore, His gospel should not be used to coerce belief through threats of condemnation.

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Luke 13:1 Another Catch-22

2017 January 30

Don't try to play word games with the One Who invented language!

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Are You Righteous?

2014 November 17

Do you need to see a Doctor?

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Keeping Company With Sinners

2014 November 14

Are you truly a friend to sinners?

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Jesus Knows All

2014 August 26

In order to have a clear view of the Savior, we must have a clear view of our own sin!

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Living Water

2014 August 25

Are you a source of blessing?

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