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Romans 1:18 God HATES Sin

2016 December 24

God does not cause, passively permit, or use sin. God hates sin. PERIOD.

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You Are Going To Love Something

2014 November 11

You are going to love something. Take care what it is!

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Our Advocate

2014 October 21

We have a Lawyer pleading our case and He just happens to be our Redeemer and the Judge's Son!

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Faithful To Forgive

2014 October 20

He WILL forgive you.

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When Were We Forgiven?

2014 October 09

If we have already been forgiven by God and our eternal home is secure, then why do we pray for forgiveness?

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No Gray Area

2014 October 07

What does God think about situational ethics?

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Don’t Tempt God

2014 June 10

Are you dead in sin or dead to sin? There is no third option.

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God's Clear Description of False Teachers

2014 April 25

Jude points out how bad these false teachers really are.

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God's Condemnation Of False Teachers

2014 April 24

They know better than to act that way!

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God Hates Sin

2014 April 23

Sin by any other name is still sin.

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2014 April 22

Did God predestinate that these men would sin?

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