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The Hem of His Garment

2015 November 21

There is healing in the wings of Jesus.

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I Am The Lord

2015 November 20

It is by God's grace alone that anyone can "abide" the coming of the Holy Lord.

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But Who May Abide? Part 3 of 3

2015 November 19

When a nation, people or church reject God, who can abide the day of the Lord's coming?

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But Who May Abide? Part 2 of 3

2015 November 18

The day Christians stop using the Bible as their basis for morality is the day they declare themselves to NOT be disciples of the Lord Jesus Christ.

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But Who May Abide? Part 1 of 3

2015 November 17

How can someone who has completely rejected God withstand the judgment of God? There is only one way – grace.

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What Is Jesus Like?

2014 June 27

Who can stand against the judgment of a Holy God?

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