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He Must Increase

2014 August 01

Look out for number one! But who is number 1?

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Are You Humble?

2014 July 31

Consider the humility of John the Baptist.

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Are You A Biblical Scholar?

2014 July 30

Are you smarter than a theologian?

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Are You A Success?

2014 July 29

How does God measure success?

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The Holy Spirit Descends

2014 May 16

So was it a dove or not?

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Baptize then...

2014 May 15

OK, I've been baptized, now what?

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Why Should I Be Baptized?

2014 May 14

I salvation is by grace, does baptism really matter?

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Kinsman Redeemer

2014 May 11

He SHALL save His people from their sins!

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Redeemer & Judge

2014 May 10

Did Jesus try to redeem His people and fail?

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The Message of John the Baptist

2014 May 09

Was John the premier motivational speaker of his day?

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2014 May 08

Do you have to be baptized in order to have your sins taken away and go to heaven?

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Into, At, or Nearby

2014 May 07

What does Biblical baptism look like?

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Prepare The Way

2014 May 06

John's message turned the world upside down!

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The First Baptist Preacher

2014 March 01

John's message will turn the world upside down!

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God Willing

2014 February 23

Did you say something abut a creek rising?

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The Word Is Multiplied

2014 February 22

Good news travels fast.

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What Is His Name?

2014 February 20

The wonder of a name.

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It's a Boy!

2014 February 18

Rejoice together.

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Doubting Words

2014 January 24

God is faithful even when we doubt Him.

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Old Time Religion

2014 January 23

It's good enough for me!

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Thy Prayer Is Heard

2014 January 22

Just keep praying!

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Bad Things Happen To Good People

2014 January 21

It's not karma or luck!

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The Witness

2014 January 15

AwWitness in the wilderness.

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