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Separated For The Offering

2016 December 09

Mary marked out our Lamb for us.

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Luke 10:38-42 Martha, Martha

2016 December 08

Being a Martha can make you a little uptight.

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Luke 10:38-42 Down At The Feet Of Jesus

2016 December 07

What is needful in worship?

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Luke 10:38-42 Our Posture Toward Jesus

2016 December 06

What is your posture toward the Savior?

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Luke 10:38-42 It's Not About You!

2016 December 05

“Now it came to pass, as they went, that he entered into a certain village: and a certain woman named Martha received him into her house. And she had a sister called Mary, which also sat at Jesus’ feet, and heard his word. But Martha was cumbered about much serving ...

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Luke 10:25-37 The Parable of The Good Atheist

2016 December 02

Does an atheist act more like a Christian than you do?

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Luke 10:32 Going Out Of The Way To Not Help

2016 December 01

Do you go out of your way to avoid helping others? Think about that before you answer.

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Luke 10:31 Convenient Christianity

2016 November 30

You can't just add "be a disciple" to your to-do list.

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Luke 10:29 Who Is My Neighbor?

2016 November 29

"Who is my neighbor?" - Wrong question!

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Luke 10:25-28 How To Inherit Eternal Life

2016 November 28

Inherit eternal life in just two "easy" steps.

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Daily Devotional 11/23/16 - Alliances

2016 November 23

God will bless a nation who is a friend to His churches.

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Daily Devotional 11/22/16 - To Smite And To Heal

2016 November 22

The same Hand that destroys the wicked in hated can chastise the elect in love.

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Daily Devotional 11/21/16 - The Mighty Shake With Fear

2016 November 21

Trust and obey for there's no other way to be happy in Jesus.

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Daily Devotional 11/19/16 - The Wise Become Fools

2016 November 19

To trust in the wisdom of the world is like a drunk man staggering down the road.

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Daily Devotional 11/18/16 - The Futility of Human Economy

2016 November 18

Trust not in uncertain riches but in the power of God!

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Daily Devotional 11/17/16 - The Futility of Human Wisdom

2016 November 17

The wisdom of man is no comparison to the whole counsel of God.

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Daily Devotional 11/15/16 - The Burden of Egypt (Isaiah 19)

2016 November 16

No matter how big a coalition is built, if it goes against God, it will fail.

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Daily Devotional 11/14/16

2016 November 14

Rest in peace, now!

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Daily Devotional 11/12/16

2016 November 12

Be note weary in well doing!

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Daily Devotional 11/11/16

2016 November 11

Church discipline is one of the vital duties of the Lord's Church.

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Daily Devotional 11/10/16

2016 November 10

God has promised to establish His people.

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Daily Devotional 11/9/16

2016 November 09

Not all men have faith.

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Daily Devotional 11/8/16

2016 November 08

When is the last time you prayed for the gospel to truly have free course?

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Daily Devotional 11/7/16

2016 November 07

Why do YOU do good works?

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Daily Devotional 11/5/16

2016 November 05

Even our ability to believe rests in the mercy of God.

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Daily Devotional 11/4/16

2016 November 04

Sin is a lie and can make you believe one too!

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Daily Devotional 11/3/16

2016 November 03

At the end of time, who will you be looking for?

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Daily Devotional 11/2/16

2016 November 02

The Lord's return will be the greatest day of Joy!

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Daily Devotional 10/31/16

2016 October 31

We will be glorified in Christ. Therefore, let Christ be glorified in us in our daily walk.

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Daily Devotional 10/29/16

2016 October 29

God is the Righteous Judge, not us.

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Daily Devotional 10/28/16

2016 October 28

One of the clearest evidence of our election of God is the fact that the world hates us.

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Daily Devotional 10/27/16

2016 October 27

If we have trouble overcoming the temptation of laziness, how will we react when true trials attack our faith?

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Daily Devotional 10/26/16

2016 October 26

The law of cause and effect is fundamental to understanding grace.

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Daily Devotional 10/25/16

2016 October 25

We are obligated by grace to give God all the glory.

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Daily Devotional 10/24/16

2016 October 24

Whether we speak in volumes or in short blessings, we should give all the glory to God!

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Daily Devotional 10/22/16

2016 October 22

The word of God in the most precious thing we have in this world. We should fight to keep it and LIVE it.

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Daily Devotional 10/21/16

2016 October 21

How well do you really know your fellow church members?

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Daily Devotional 10/20/16

2016 October 20

Do you really pray for your pastor?

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Daily Devotional 10/19/16

2016 October 19

We should not just hope for holiness in glory, we should live in holiness now.

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Daily Devotional 10/18/16

2016 October 18

It is not our reputations that we should seek to preserve. We should honor the reputation of Christ and His church in our daily lives.

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Daily Devotional 10/17/16

2016 October 17

Put the influences in your life on trial!

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Daily Devotional 10/15/16

2016 October 15

A message from God may not be always pleasant to hear as a man, but as a child of God, it should be received in thanksgiving.

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Daily Devotional 10/14/16

2016 October 14

What we need is a little more shouting in church!

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Daily Devotional 10/13/16

2016 October 13

We can be thankful because nothing can separate us from the love of God which is in Christ Jesus our Lord.

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Daily Devotional 10/12/16

2016 October 12

Prayer is how we communicate with our Loving Heavenly Father.

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Daily Devotional 10/11/16

2016 October 11

How do I rejoice when I don't feel like it?

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Daily Devotional 10/10/16

2016 October 10

We are all part of the same Body. We should therefore care for one another.

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Daily Devotional 10/8/16

2016 October 08

God's ministers of the gospel are messengers of the gospel of peace sent from God Himself. And we should see them as such.

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Daily Devotional 10/7/16

2016 October 07

Walk in the sunshine of the hope of the return of Jesus every day!

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Daily Devotional 10/6/16

2016 October 06

No one knows the day the Lord will return, but His return is certain!

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Daily Devotional 10/5/16

2016 October 05

"I'll meet you in the morning!"

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Daily Devotional 10/4/16

2016 October 04

The return of Christ will spectacular!

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Daily Devotional 10/3/16

2016 October 03

The spirit goes back to the God who gave it!

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Daily Devotional 10/1/16

2016 October 01

We are second.

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Daily Devotional 9/30/16

2016 September 30

Live like Christ by loving like Christ.

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Daily Devotional 9/29/16

2016 September 29

What is that "greater love?"

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Daily Devotional 9/28/16

2016 September 28

God has set us apart. It is now time to set ourselves apart from the world and live like the sons of God.

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Daily Devotional 9/27/16

2016 September 27

Live your eternal life here and now. Love like you will love for all eternity!

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Daily Devotional 9/26/16

2016 September 26

Faith has more than one definition.

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Daily Devotional 9/24/16

2016 September 24

Perhaps your current trouble is a way you can show another brother how to press on and keep going!

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Daily Devotional 9/23/16

2016 September 23

How does the Lord define our prosperity?

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Daily Devotional 9/22/16

2016 September 22

The joy of the Lord is best experienced in the fellowship of His saints!

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Daily Devotional 9/21/16

2016 September 21

God has one view of sin - He hates it.

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Daily Devotional 9/20/16

2016 September 20

God will take wrath on those who seek to stop the spread of the gospel.

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Daily Devotional 9/19/16

2016 September 19

It's more than just "going to church."

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Daily Devotional 9/17/16

2016 September 17

Every time God blesses the true gospel to be preached a miracle occurs.

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Daily Devotional 9/16/16

2016 September 16

Have you ever had "fried preacher" for Sunday dinner?

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Daily Devotional 9/15/16

2016 September 15

Am I at church or combination motivational seminar and rock concert? I can't tell.

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Daily Devotional 9/14/16

2016 September 14

What is preaching?

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Daily Devotional 9/13/16

2016 September 13

American Christians are soft!

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Daily Devotional 9/12/16

2016 September 12

Who (or what) is the true American Idol?

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Daily Devotional 9/10/16

2016 September 10

“And ye became followers of us, and of the Lord, having received the word in much affliction, with joy of the Holy Ghost: so that ye were ensamples to all that believe in Macedonia and Achaia. For from you sounded out the word of the Lord not only in Macedonia ...

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Daily Devotional 9/9/16

2016 September 09

How active is your belief?

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Daily Devotional 9/8/16

2016 September 08

Our church is IN God. What a wonderful and safe place to be!

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Spirit and Truth

2014 August 27

Are you passionate about worship?

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