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Our Response To Grace

2015 November 13

Do you want to be with Jesus all the time or is He an inconvenience for you?

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The Results of Grace

2015 November 12

What are the results of a single encounter with the Son of God?

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A Conversation With Jesus

2015 November 10

When Jesus speaks, we are changed.

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A Man Without Grace

2015 November 09

There was nothing short of the almighty power of God that could help the wild Gadarene, and it takes nothing less than the sovereignty of God to change the nature of a man dead in sin.

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Saved Without Our Faith

2015 November 06

Jesus cannot deny His own name. He SHALL save His people from their sins.

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Preserved Before The Storm

2015 November 05

We were preserved in Jesus Christ even before the journey and storms of our life began.

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God Brings Us To The Other Side

2015 November 04

God has decreed that all the elect will be with Him forever. Therefore, He draws them in the new birth and brings them to glory in the resurrection.

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Let Us Pass Over To Glory

2015 November 03

Jesus has declared that we will make it to glory on the other side. Therefore, we will make it to glory!

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Let Us Pass Over

2015 November 02

If God says we will pass over, we will pass over.

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Faithful To Forgive

2014 October 20

He WILL forgive you.

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When Were We Forgiven?

2014 October 09

If we have already been forgiven by God and our eternal home is secure, then why do we pray for forgiveness?

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Come To The Light

2014 July 28

Who wants to come to the light?

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The Most Famous Verse

2014 July 26

Is salvation offered or declared in John 3:16?

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Who Looked At The Snake?

2014 July 25

Who has the desire to look to the cross for salvation?

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The Son Must Be Lifted Up

2014 July 24

Jesus declares Who He is and what He must do!

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Living in Peace

2014 April 19

Safe in the arms of Jesus.

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2014 April 18

Safe in God's love.

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2014 April 17

God never saves anyone halfway.

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The Book of Jude

2014 April 14

Earnestly contend!

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Grandpa Simeon

2014 March 26

I have seen THY salvation!

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Wow, what a sound!

2014 March 21

What would 100 million angels singing sound like?

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The Gospel Message

2014 March 20

What constitutes a gospel message?

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The Dawn of Redeeming Grace

2014 March 15

As sure as the sun rises...

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Jesus Rejected

2014 March 14

Why would He love us so?

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2014 March 13

What does it mean to be "with us"?

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Pop Quiz

2014 March 12

Do you believe in absolute sovereign grace? Take this quiz and see how you do!

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Knots In Jesus' Family Tree

2014 March 08

This Apple fell very far from the tree.

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Living in Liberty

2014 February 28

Therefore, I live my life in liberty and service to the Lord!

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A Covenant Keeping God

2014 February 26

We have a sure anchor in Jesus Christ!

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"I Did It My Way" - God

2014 February 14

And who is the arm of the Lord?

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"Work Together"

2013 July 17

A Word Study on “Work Together”

I have found that the better I understand the meanings of words and how they are used in grammatical structure, the easier it is for me to understand any written or spoken communication. The same applies with the language of the Bible. Words mean ...

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