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Luke 17:11-19 Only One Turned Back

2017 June 16

The Bible shows a deplorable habit among many of God's children. We are saved by His marvelous grace, but so often we do not live our lives in thankfulness for so a great a deliverance! In this lesson, Jesus calls on us to be like the 1 who turned back and took the time to glorify GOd in thankfulness.

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John 10:24 Jesus Secures The Elect

2017 February 16

The elect are safe in the PRESERVING hands of Jesus.

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John 10:22-24 Can't See The Forest For The Trees

2017 February 15

Our practice of religion should never hamper our view of the object of our religion.

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The Hem of His Garment

2015 November 21

There is healing in the wings of Jesus.

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I Am The Lord

2015 November 20

It is by God's grace alone that anyone can "abide" the coming of the Holy Lord.

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But Who May Abide? Part 3 of 3

2015 November 19

When a nation, people or church reject God, who can abide the day of the Lord's coming?

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But Who May Abide? Part 2 of 3

2015 November 18

The day Christians stop using the Bible as their basis for morality is the day they declare themselves to NOT be disciples of the Lord Jesus Christ.

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But Who May Abide? Part 1 of 3

2015 November 17

How can someone who has completely rejected God withstand the judgment of God? There is only one way – grace.

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Our Response To Grace

2015 November 13

Do you want to be with Jesus all the time or is He an inconvenience for you?

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The Results of Grace

2015 November 12

What are the results of a single encounter with the Son of God?

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A Conversation With Jesus

2015 November 10

When Jesus speaks, we are changed.

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A Man Without Grace

2015 November 09

There was nothing short of the almighty power of God that could help the wild Gadarene, and it takes nothing less than the sovereignty of God to change the nature of a man dead in sin.

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Saved Without Our Faith

2015 November 06

Jesus cannot deny His own name. He SHALL save His people from their sins.

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Preserved Before The Storm

2015 November 05

We were preserved in Jesus Christ even before the journey and storms of our life began.

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God Brings Us To The Other Side

2015 November 04

God has decreed that all the elect will be with Him forever. Therefore, He draws them in the new birth and brings them to glory in the resurrection.

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Let Us Pass Over To Glory

2015 November 03

Jesus has declared that we will make it to glory on the other side. Therefore, we will make it to glory!

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Let Us Pass Over

2015 November 02

If God says we will pass over, we will pass over.

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God's Power vs. Our Faith

2015 October 30

God is not helplessly wringing his hands waiting for man to decide whether he will choose to accept God’s offer of salvation.

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Don't Trip Youself

2015 October 28

Paul did not tell the church to go to the state university, theological school, or mission board to find themselves a pastor.

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Jesus' Siblings

2015 October 27

Jesus clearly had half-brothers and sisters that were younger than He. But why is this significant?

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The Simplicity of the Gospel

2015 October 26

If the simplicity of the gospel message is not what they have a thirst for, then we have nothing to offer them.

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They'll Never Learn

2015 August 19

The wicked continually ignore the clear evidence in front of them.

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3 Days & 3 Nights - Literally!

2015 August 17

The details do matter!

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His Yoke Is Easy

2015 August 15

A yoke of faith and a burden of love.

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The Will of Christ

2015 July 06

Thy will be done!

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The Power To Heal And To Save

2015 July 05

It's all about the sovereignty of Christ.

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WHEN Ye Fast

2015 May 09

It's not a question of "if" we should fast but how we act "when" we fast.

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Let Us Pray

2015 May 08

The closet is a metaphor for private prayer.

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Alms For The Poor

2015 May 07

You can't out give God!

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Private Christianity

2015 May 06

The more private our devotion, the brighter our light.

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Love: Christian Style

2015 May 02

To be like Christ, we must love like Christ.

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2015 May 01

I gotta protect my "rep!"

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Honest Words

2015 April 30

Do you pinky swear?

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The Sanctity Of Marriage

2015 April 29

For the church to have the moral credibility to speak out against homosexual marriage, it must first repent of its sins of lust and disregard of instructions of God in Biblical marriage.

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We Live In An Angry World

2015 April 28

Temperance, not anger, is the fruit of the Spirit.

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The Salvation of Belief

2015 March 27

The salvation of the gospel is a sense of joy and liberty when we trust in the finished work of Jesus.

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A Warning for "Wanna-Be" Preachers

2015 March 25

Just because you have the ability to speak well to people does not make you a preacher.

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Exceeding Righteousness

2015 March 24

Do I just need to be better than my neighbor in order to get to heaven?

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Fulfilling the Law

2015 March 23

What does it mean to "fulfill the law and the prophets"?

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A Confession

2015 March 20

Have you ever been persecuted for doing the right thing?

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The Purpose Of Good Works

2015 March 19

What do you do good works?

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2015 March 18

Are - present tense

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The Light Of The World

2015 March 17

Who is the most wise man on earth except the one who loves the Lord?

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The Salt Of The Earth

2015 March 16

“The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing.”  ― Edmund Burke

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2015 March 14

Why is everybody always picking on me?

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Fruit Of The Spirit

2015 March 13

Good fruit can only come from a good tree.

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2015 March 12

Emptiness can only be helped from the outside.

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Meek Does Not Mean Weak

2015 March 11

Power with restraint.

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You Are Blessed!

2015 March 10

You are poor and weeping but VERY BLESSED!

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One Sermon or Two?

2015 March 08

The Sermon on the Mount/Plain or is it the other way around?

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The New 12th Apostle

2015 March 06

Who is the true replacement for Judas?

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Judas Iscariot

2015 March 05

There is a devil among us.

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The Apostle With Four Names

2015 March 04

An Apostle by any other name is still...Jude.

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Simon the Zealot

2015 March 03

We are not sure how he got the name but certainly Simon was on fire for something!

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James The Less

2015 March 02

James taught us to live a life of practical godliness with a thankful heart.

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Doubting Thomas

2015 February 27

Skepticism can sometimes be an unhealthy thing.

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Matthew The Publican

2015 February 26

Jesus is the Friend of sinners!

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2015 February 25

How can it be that I feel sorrow for sin and be saved from sin at the same time?

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2015 February 24

The trial you face is for your learning.

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The Disciple Whom Jesus Loved

2015 February 23

God is love.

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James the Son of Zebedee

2015 February 20

Be careful what you ask for...

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Peter's Brother

2015 February 13

Tell me what you know about Andrew.

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Split Personality

2015 February 12

The good things Peter did are not what made him a child of God. And the bad things he did CANNOT separate him from the love of God which is in Chrit Jesus!

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Peter The Rock

2015 February 11

What is the rock that is the foundation of the church?

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Triumphant Savior

2015 February 06

Salvation is by grace plus .... nothing!

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Smoking Flax

2015 February 05

The true gospel is full of compassion and encouragement.

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A Bruised Reed

2015 February 04

Jesus is an all-powerful Savior full of compassion.

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Honoring The Lord's Day

2015 January 27

If your sheep is in a pit, make sure it wasn't you who pushed him in there!

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Free To Do Good

2015 January 26

does your system of belief allow for a certainty of salvation even if you make mistakes?

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The Lord's Day - The Christian Sabbath

2015 January 19

We can find rest in Jesus everyday. Therefore, we should praise Him on His Day.

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The Sabbath Shadow

2015 January 16

Jesus is fulfillment of all the types and shadows of the old law, including the Sabbath.

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The Sabbath: Jesus Sets The Record Straight

2015 January 15

Jesus sets the record straight, again.

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What is a Sabbath?

2015 January 14

Man needs rest.

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Who Spoke to Moses in Mount Sanai?

2015 January 09

Did Jesus speak in the Old Testament?

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Ye Might Be Saved

2015 January 08

Is Jesus hoping the unbelieving Pharisees will be saved to heaven?

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2015 January 07

There is soemthingab it that voice.

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Are You Alive?

2015 January 06

Which comes first, life or evidence of life?

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Not Just Another Good man

2015 January 05

Jesus is either the true Son of God or He is the worst heretic to ever walk the face of the earth.

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I Have No Man

2015 January 01

Without Jesus, we have no man, no help, and no hope.

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Some Things Just Don't Go Together

2014 December 02

Do you worship the New Testament way?

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2014 December 01

Should we fast? If so, why?

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Are You Righteous?

2014 November 17

Do you need to see a Doctor?

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Keeping Company With Sinners

2014 November 14

Are you truly a friend to sinners?

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Purple Hair And A Nose Ring

2014 November 13

What does a Christian look like?

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2014 November 12

What is your true identity?

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More Than You Bargained For

2014 November 04


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2014 November 03

Are you blocking someone's way to Jesus?

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Our Zeal For Others

2014 October 31

Run to the city of refuge!

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How Is Your Zeal

2014 October 30

Are you truly on fire for the Lord?

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Tell No Man

2014 October 29

Was Jesus trying to hide when He told people to not tell anyone about His miracles?

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I Believe In The Miracles Of The Bible

2014 October 28

Can't we just ignore the "fantasy" stuff and talk about Jesus?

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Church Is Who You Are

2014 October 02

Do you live the life God intended for you?

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Church Is Something You Do

2014 October 01

Are you a member of your church or are you an active disciple of the Lord Jesus Christ?

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Your Galilean Ministry

2014 September 30

If you don't know what to do in God's kingdom, why don't you just ask Him?

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The Galilean Ministry

2014 September 29

Do we need to have a sell-out football stadium in order to spread the gospel?

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Should Our Preachers Be Married?

2014 September 26

Does God forbid preachers to be married?

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God Hates Sickness

2014 September 25

Did you know God hates sickness as much as you do?

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Unclean Spirits

2014 September 24

Should we be concerned about evil spirits and possession?

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Forsaking All

2014 September 23

Are you truly all in for the Lord?

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Astonished By Jesus

2014 September 22

Are you astonished at Jesus?

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Faith Mixed With Doubt

2014 September 20

How pure is your faith?

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The People Pressed To Hear Him

2014 September 19

How eager are you to hear the word of God preached?

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At Hand

2014 September 18

At hand - so close you can touch it.

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Everlasting Kingdom

2014 September 17

The gates of hell shall not prevail!

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The Kingdoms in Daniel

2014 September 16

When was the kingdom of God established on earth?

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The Light Sprung Up!

2014 September 14

Surprise! Yes, that how grace works.

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2 Rejects

2014 September 13

Jesus was right. Going to Nazareth is a bad idea.

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The Religious Leaders Doubt, As Usual

2014 September 12

What does your Jesus look like?

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This Day

2014 September 11

It's 9/11 and Jesus still reigns!

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The Acceptable Year of the Lord

2014 September 10

God is not limited or bound by our time table or plans.

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The Good NEWS

2014 September 09

The good news of Jesus Christ should be declared as fact not presented as a possibility.

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Bible Study

2014 September 08

Are Bible Studies scriptural?

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Faith & Testimony

2014 September 06

The faith given in the new birth is independent of gospel faith.

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Is God Limited By Our Lack of Faith?

2014 September 05

Will everyone of God's children believe and trust Him to the fullest?

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No Limits

2014 September 04

Was Jesus too harsh on a man who's son is dying?

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The Extraordinary Power of Jesus

2014 September 03

Can you turn water into wine?

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All In God's Time

2014 September 02

God knows His own.

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White Unto Harvest

2014 September 01

Sometimes the blessing is where you least expect it.

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Life For and From Devotion

2014 August 28

What is the true source of life?

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Spirit and Truth

2014 August 27

Are you passionate about worship?

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Jesus Knows All

2014 August 26

In order to have a clear view of the Savior, we must have a clear view of our own sin!

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Living Water

2014 August 25

Are you a source of blessing?

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Petty Differences = Petty Religion

2014 August 21

The Hatfields and the McCoys had nothing on these guys.

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Why did Jesus leave Judea?

2014 August 20

Time to "get out of Dodge!"

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Who's The Best Preacher?

2014 August 19

When you think of a great preacher, who comes to mind?

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What does belief look like?

2014 August 18

Does every child of God believe the same things about Jesus?

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The Power of Belief

2014 August 15

Belief does not make you alive in Christ but it sure does make you lively!

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He Must Increase

2014 August 01

Look out for number one! But who is number 1?

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Are You Humble?

2014 July 31

Consider the humility of John the Baptist.

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Are You A Biblical Scholar?

2014 July 30

Are you smarter than a theologian?

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Are You A Success?

2014 July 29

How does God measure success?

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Come To The Light

2014 July 28

Who wants to come to the light?

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The Most Famous Verse

2014 July 26

Is salvation offered or declared in John 3:16?

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Who Looked At The Snake?

2014 July 25

Who has the desire to look to the cross for salvation?

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The Son Must Be Lifted Up

2014 July 24

Jesus declares Who He is and what He must do!

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The Descending God

2014 July 23

The Messiah is no ordinary man.

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Shock and Awe

2014 July 22

Jesus blew away the religion of the day.

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The Ultimate Rebuke

2014 July 07

Hey Nicodemus, I think you missed a few scriptures.

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Cause and Effect

2014 July 05

How do I know if I have been born again?

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Who's In Control?

2014 July 04

I'm about to lose control. Oh, I never had it? I think I like that!

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Water & Spirit

2014 July 03

Do I need to get baptized in order to go to heaven?

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“We Know”

2014 July 02

Is our knowledge of scripture enough to justify our home in heaven?

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What Is Jesus Like?

2014 June 27

Who can stand against the judgment of a Holy God?

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Are You Ready To Worship

2014 June 26

Prepare yourself.

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Can I Buy You a Cup Of Coffee?

2014 June 25

Why do you go to church?

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The Jews' Passover

2014 June 24

Who is required to continue observing the Passover.

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The First Recorded Miracle

2014 June 20

Are there other gospels?

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2014 June 19

Why does Jesus call Mary "Woman" and not "Mother?"

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Who Saw The Miracle?

2014 June 18

You don't need to go looking for miracles in your life. Stick close to the Lord and you will see wonders!

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The Wedding Miracle

2014 June 17

Wine tasting anyone?

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Tell It To Me Straight

2014 June 16

Hey Nathanael, what do you think now? Can anything good come out of Nazareth?

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Come and See

2014 June 15

What is Biblical evangelism?

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What Seek Ye?

2014 June 14

Where the Lord is, there is peace.

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What Are You Waiting For?

2014 June 13

"If you tarry 'til your better, you will never come at all."

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A Little Rest

2014 June 12

The enemy only retreats so that he may regroup and counter-attack.

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God Alone

2014 June 11

"The Devil is a liar and a conjurer too, if you don't look out he'll conjure you!"

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Don’t Tempt God

2014 June 10

Are you dead in sin or dead to sin? There is no third option.

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Seek Ye First

2014 June 05

Is it a sin to steal foodif you are hungry?

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2014 June 03

Do you trust God to get you through your trials?

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2014 May 19

Tempted and tried we're oft made to wonder why it should be thus all the day long.

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The Holy Spirit Descends

2014 May 16

So was it a dove or not?

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Baptize then...

2014 May 15

OK, I've been baptized, now what?

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Why Should I Be Baptized?

2014 May 14

I salvation is by grace, does baptism really matter?

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2014 May 13

Live life on purpose.

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Kinsman Redeemer

2014 May 11

He SHALL save His people from their sins!

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Redeemer & Judge

2014 May 10

Did Jesus try to redeem His people and fail?

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The Message of John the Baptist

2014 May 09

Was John the premier motivational speaker of his day?

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2014 May 08

Do you have to be baptized in order to have your sins taken away and go to heaven?

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Into, At, or Nearby

2014 May 07

What does Biblical baptism look like?

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Prepare The Way

2014 May 06

John's message turned the world upside down!

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I "Must"

2014 May 05

You were created on purpose for a purpose so live life on purpose!

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Can God Learn?

2014 May 04

How does an all-knowing God learn and increase in wisdom?

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My Father's Business

2014 May 03

My Savior is not the son of a Jewish carpenter.

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Beside Themselves

2014 May 02

Even at a young age the words of Jesus left people speechless and beside themselves.

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Age of Accountability?

2014 May 01

Does the Bible teach that there is a certain age when a person becomes responsible for his own actions and can then be judged by God for sin?

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2014 April 30

Is everybody buckled up and ready to go?

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Back Home To Nazareth

2014 April 10

Safe and sound.

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The Spirit Of Herod

2014 April 09

The selfish spirit of Herod is alive and well in those who support the taking of life.

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The Slaughter Of The Children

2014 April 08

Then Herod, when he saw that he was mocked of the wise men, was exceeding wroth, and sent forth, and slew all the children that were in Bethlehem, and in all the coasts thereof, from two years old and under, according to the time which he had diligently enquired of ...

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The Flight Into Egypt

2014 April 07

The young family escape danger as they flee to Egypt under the cover of darkness.

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The Outsiders

2014 April 04

Jesus is for the outsiders.

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The Gifts

2014 April 03

Gifts fit for a King!

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The Wise Men

2014 April 02

Who can change a magician into a wise man?

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The Star

2014 April 01

What did they see in the sky?

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King Herod

2014 March 31

The wise men meet with Herod.

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The Dedication

2014 March 28

What was the most important thing that happened in the temple that day?

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Grandma Anna

2014 March 27

104 years old and still devoted to her Lord!

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Grandpa Simeon

2014 March 26

I have seen THY salvation!

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First Day Back To Church

2014 March 25

Ooooo let me hold your baby!

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Doves and Pigeons

2014 March 24

What are true riches?

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Wow, what a sound!

2014 March 21

What would 100 million angels singing sound like?

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The Gospel Message

2014 March 20

What constitutes a gospel message?

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Mega Joy

2014 March 19

What wondrous thing can take a person from extreme fear to extreme joy? Here is a hint: it has nothing to do with entertainment!

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Mega Fear

2014 March 18

What would cause a veteran shepherd to "shake in his boots?"

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The Dawn of Redeeming Grace

2014 March 15

As sure as the sun rises...

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Jesus Rejected

2014 March 14

Why would He love us so?

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2014 March 13

What does it mean to be "with us"?

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Pop Quiz

2014 March 12

Do you believe in absolute sovereign grace? Take this quiz and see how you do!

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Providence vs. Taxes

2014 March 11

Amazing providence!

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It Wasn't His Child

2014 March 10

He was God's child.

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Knots In Jesus' Family Tree

2014 March 08

This Apple fell very far from the tree.

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Great Ancestors

2014 March 07

Man is appointed mortal sorrow, (but)the blessed God shall come down teaching. His death shall bring the despairing comfort and rest.

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The Son and Savior of Man

2014 March 06

Jesus is both the Son of man and the Son of God!

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The Seed of Abraham

2014 March 05

Father Abraham had many sons...

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Did Joseph have two fathers?

2014 March 04

Do the skeptics have a point or are they just ignoring the facts and speeding rumors again?

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The First Baptist Preacher

2014 March 01

John's message will turn the world upside down!

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Living in Liberty

2014 February 28

Therefore, I live my life in liberty and service to the Lord!

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A Covenant Keeping God

2014 February 26

We have a sure anchor in Jesus Christ!

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I Love MY Savior

2014 February 24

Jesus is a personal Savior because GOD made it personal.

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God Willing

2014 February 23

Did you say something abut a creek rising?

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The Word Is Multiplied

2014 February 22

Good news travels fast.

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What Is His Name?

2014 February 20

The wonder of a name.

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It's a Boy!

2014 February 18

Rejoice together.

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The Promise To Abraham

2014 February 16

Her Son is the Lion of the Tribe of Judah!

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"I Did It My Way" - God

2014 February 14

And who is the arm of the Lord?

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Which Came First, Fear Or Mercy?

2014 February 12

There is nothing man can do that will obligate God to have mercy on him.

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So, Why Is Mary So Happy?

2014 February 11

She rejoiced in the sovereign power of God and was not ashamed to say that God did it all!

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Magnificent Rejoicing

2014 February 10

Words mean something. God is either sovereign or not.

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The Blessing of Belief

2014 February 09

Jesus did not come to make salvation possible. He came to save!

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Mother of Whom?

2014 February 07

Mary is not the mother of God.

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2014 February 06

Greetings and Salutations!

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Amen, Let's Go!

2014 February 04

If we find ourselves silent after a good sermon, are we more like Mary or Zacharias?

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Can I Get An Amen?

2014 February 02

So be it!

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Mary Knows Biology

2014 January 31

Mary shows know doubt. She just wants to understand a miracle!

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The King Is Coming!

2014 January 30

Gabriel brings good tidings!

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Gabriel Visits Mary

2014 January 28

Glory comes to the deserted place!

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A Thankful Parent

2014 January 25

Is it a reproach or blessing? Are you thankful or do you feel punished?

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Doubting Words

2014 January 24

God is faithful even when we doubt Him.

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Old Time Religion

2014 January 23

It's good enough for me!

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Thy Prayer Is Heard

2014 January 22

Just keep praying!

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Bad Things Happen To Good People

2014 January 21

It's not karma or luck!

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That's Jesus

2014 January 20

When you see God, you are looking at Jesus.

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Grace For Grace

2014 January 19

And the Word was made flesh, and dwelt among us, (and we beheld his glory, the glory as of the only begotten of the Father,) full of grace and truth. And of his fulness have all we received, and grace for grace. For the law was given by Moses, but ...

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He Giveth Power

2014 January 18

Jesus is the source of Spiritual life.

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Ignorant Darkness

2014 January 17

Satan lies!

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Life & Light

2014 January 16

Jesus is the source of all natural life.

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The Witness

2014 January 15

AwWitness in the wilderness.

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Jesus Is The Eternal God

2014 January 13

Jesus was with God. Jesus was God. Jesus was with God. It's a mystery.

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The Gospel According to John

2014 January 11

A little history on John.

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The Gospel According to Luke

2014 January 10

A little history about Luke.

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The Gospel According To Mark

2014 January 09

A little history on Mark.

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The Gospel According To Matthew

2014 January 08

A little history on Matthew.

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Why Four Gospels?

2014 January 07

The Gospels: A Biography of our Lord

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4-Part Harmony

2014 January 06

I love to that good close harmony!

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