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Astonished By Jesus

2014 September 22

Are you astonished at Jesus?

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Faith & Testimony

2014 September 06

The faith given in the new birth is independent of gospel faith.

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Is God Limited By Our Lack of Faith?

2014 September 05

Will everyone of God's children believe and trust Him to the fullest?

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No Limits

2014 September 04

Was Jesus too harsh on a man who's son is dying?

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The Extraordinary Power of Jesus

2014 September 03

Can you turn water into wine?

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Who Saw The Miracle?

2014 June 18

You don't need to go looking for miracles in your life. Stick close to the Lord and you will see wonders!

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The Wedding Miracle

2014 June 17

Wine tasting anyone?

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The Mighty and Merciful Hand of God

2013 July 27

Elder Bryce’s journal of how God delivered Elder Vernon Johnson home from South Africa when he became gravely ill.

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