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Luke 17:11-19 Only One Turned Back

2017 June 16

The Bible shows a deplorable habit among many of God's children. We are saved by His marvelous grace, but so often we do not live our lives in thankfulness for so a great a deliverance! In this lesson, Jesus calls on us to be like the 1 who turned back and took the time to glorify GOd in thankfulness.

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Luke 13:18-21 Marching To Zion

2017 February 09

Are you marching on to Zion?

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Luke 13:14-17 Shame or Joy

2017 February 08

Shame or joy? It is your choice.

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Luke 13:14 "Party Pooper"

2017 February 07

What is your reaction to the goodness of God in the lives of other people?

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Luke 13:10-13 The Art Loosed!

2017 February 03

"My chains are gone, I've been set free! My God, My Savior has ransomed me!" - Chris Tomlin

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Luke 13:6-9 "The Longsuffering of God"

2017 February 02

God does not cast away His children when they are disobedient. He chastises them in love.

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Luke 13:1-5 "Good Enough"

2017 February 01

Are you "good enough" for heaven?

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Luke 13:1-5 Turn Or Burn?

2017 January 31

Jesus came not to condemn. Therefore, His gospel should not be used to coerce belief through threats of condemnation.

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Luke 13:1 Another Catch-22

2017 January 30

Don't try to play word games with the One Who invented language!

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Luke 12:54-59 Discernment

2017 January 27

A better knowledge of Who Jesus is will deliver us from this present evil world.

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Luke 12:45 Conflict Among Brethren

2017 January 26

The poor condition of Christianity today has a clear cause.

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Luke 12:49-53 Divisive Discipleship

2017 January 25

Jesus did not come to the earth to try and get people to "just get along."

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Luke 2:38 Looking For Redemption

2016 December 29

When you meet someone looking for redemption, what do you tell them?

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Luke 2:29-30 Complete Salvation

2016 December 28

Jesus is the Great and Complete Redeemer!

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Luke 10:38-42 Martha, Martha

2016 December 08

Being a Martha can make you a little uptight.

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Luke 10:38-42 Down At The Feet Of Jesus

2016 December 07

What is needful in worship?

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Luke 10:38-42 Our Posture Toward Jesus

2016 December 06

What is your posture toward the Savior?

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Luke 10:38-42 It's Not About You!

2016 December 05

“Now it came to pass, as they went, that he entered into a certain village: and a certain woman named Martha received him into her house. And she had a sister called Mary, which also sat at Jesus’ feet, and heard his word. But Martha was cumbered about much serving ...

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Luke 10:25-37 The Parable of The Good Atheist

2016 December 02

Does an atheist act more like a Christian than you do?

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Luke 10:32 Going Out Of The Way To Not Help

2016 December 01

Do you go out of your way to avoid helping others? Think about that before you answer.

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Luke 10:31 Convenient Christianity

2016 November 30

You can't just add "be a disciple" to your to-do list.

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Luke 10:29 Who Is My Neighbor?

2016 November 29

"Who is my neighbor?" - Wrong question!

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Luke 10:25-28 How To Inherit Eternal Life

2016 November 28

Inherit eternal life in just two "easy" steps.

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The Simplicity of the Gospel

2015 October 26

If the simplicity of the gospel message is not what they have a thirst for, then we have nothing to offer them.

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2015 March 14

Why is everybody always picking on me?

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2015 March 12

Emptiness can only be helped from the outside.

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Meek Does Not Mean Weak

2015 March 11

Power with restraint.

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You Are Blessed!

2015 March 10

You are poor and weeping but VERY BLESSED!

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One Sermon or Two?

2015 March 08

The Sermon on the Mount/Plain or is it the other way around?

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Free To Do Good

2015 January 26

does your system of belief allow for a certainty of salvation even if you make mistakes?

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What is a Sabbath?

2015 January 14

Man needs rest.

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Some Things Just Don't Go Together

2014 December 02

Do you worship the New Testament way?

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2014 December 01

Should we fast? If so, why?

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Are You Righteous?

2014 November 17

Do you need to see a Doctor?

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2014 November 12

What is your true identity?

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2014 November 03

Are you blocking someone's way to Jesus?

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How Is Your Zeal

2014 October 30

Are you truly on fire for the Lord?

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I Believe In The Miracles Of The Bible

2014 October 28

Can't we just ignore the "fantasy" stuff and talk about Jesus?

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Your Galilean Ministry

2014 September 30

If you don't know what to do in God's kingdom, why don't you just ask Him?

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God Hates Sickness

2014 September 25

Did you know God hates sickness as much as you do?

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Forsaking All

2014 September 23

Are you truly all in for the Lord?

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Astonished By Jesus

2014 September 22

Are you astonished at Jesus?

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Faith Mixed With Doubt

2014 September 20

How pure is your faith?

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The People Pressed To Hear Him

2014 September 19

How eager are you to hear the word of God preached?

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The Kingdoms in Daniel

2014 September 16

When was the kingdom of God established on earth?

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2 Rejects

2014 September 13

Jesus was right. Going to Nazareth is a bad idea.

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The Religious Leaders Doubt, As Usual

2014 September 12

What does your Jesus look like?

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This Day

2014 September 11

It's 9/11 and Jesus still reigns!

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The Acceptable Year of the Lord

2014 September 10

God is not limited or bound by our time table or plans.

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The Good NEWS

2014 September 09

The good news of Jesus Christ should be declared as fact not presented as a possibility.

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Bible Study

2014 September 08

Are Bible Studies scriptural?

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What Are You Waiting For?

2014 June 13

"If you tarry 'til your better, you will never come at all."

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A Little Rest

2014 June 12

The enemy only retreats so that he may regroup and counter-attack.

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2014 May 19

Tempted and tried we're oft made to wonder why it should be thus all the day long.

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The Holy Spirit Descends

2014 May 16

So was it a dove or not?

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Baptize then...

2014 May 15

OK, I've been baptized, now what?

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2014 May 13

Live life on purpose.

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Prepare The Way

2014 May 06

John's message turned the world upside down!

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I "Must"

2014 May 05

You were created on purpose for a purpose so live life on purpose!

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Can God Learn?

2014 May 04

How does an all-knowing God learn and increase in wisdom?

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My Father's Business

2014 May 03

My Savior is not the son of a Jewish carpenter.

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Beside Themselves

2014 May 02

Even at a young age the words of Jesus left people speechless and beside themselves.

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Age of Accountability?

2014 May 01

Does the Bible teach that there is a certain age when a person becomes responsible for his own actions and can then be judged by God for sin?

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2014 April 30

Is everybody buckled up and ready to go?

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The Dedication

2014 March 28

What was the most important thing that happened in the temple that day?

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Grandma Anna

2014 March 27

104 years old and still devoted to her Lord!

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Grandpa Simeon

2014 March 26

I have seen THY salvation!

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First Day Back To Church

2014 March 25

Ooooo let me hold your baby!

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Doves and Pigeons

2014 March 24

What are true riches?

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Wow, what a sound!

2014 March 21

What would 100 million angels singing sound like?

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The Gospel Message

2014 March 20

What constitutes a gospel message?

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Mega Joy

2014 March 19

What wondrous thing can take a person from extreme fear to extreme joy? Here is a hint: it has nothing to do with entertainment!

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Mega Fear

2014 March 18

What would cause a veteran shepherd to "shake in his boots?"

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Providence vs. Taxes

2014 March 11

Amazing providence!

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Knots In Jesus' Family Tree

2014 March 08

This Apple fell very far from the tree.

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Great Ancestors

2014 March 07

Man is appointed mortal sorrow, (but)the blessed God shall come down teaching. His death shall bring the despairing comfort and rest.

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The Son and Savior of Man

2014 March 06

Jesus is both the Son of man and the Son of God!

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Did Joseph have two fathers?

2014 March 04

Do the skeptics have a point or are they just ignoring the facts and speeding rumors again?

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Thy Prayer Is Heard

2014 January 22

Just keep praying!

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The Gospel According to Luke

2014 January 10

A little history about Luke.

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Why Four Gospels?

2014 January 07

The Gospels: A Biography of our Lord

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4-Part Harmony

2014 January 06

I love to that good close harmony!

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