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A Man Without Grace

2015 November 09

There was nothing short of the almighty power of God that could help the wild Gadarene, and it takes nothing less than the sovereignty of God to change the nature of a man dead in sin.

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Exceeding Righteousness

2015 March 24

Do I just need to be better than my neighbor in order to get to heaven?

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Faith & Testimony

2014 September 06

The faith given in the new birth is independent of gospel faith.

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The Ultimate Rebuke

2014 July 07

Hey Nicodemus, I think you missed a few scriptures.

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Cause and Effect

2014 July 05

How do I know if I have been born again?

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Who's In Control?

2014 July 04

I'm about to lose control. Oh, I never had it? I think I like that!

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Water & Spirit

2014 July 03

Do I need to get baptized in order to go to heaven?

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“We Know”

2014 July 02

Is our knowledge of scripture enough to justify our home in heaven?

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What Does It Mean To. Be Born Again? Part 4

2013 October 05

Immediate, irresistible Holy Spirit regeneration.

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What Does It Mean to Be Born Again? Part 3

2013 October 04

We must be born again! But how do we do that?

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What Does It Mean To Be Born Again? Part 2

2013 September 30

How do I get born again?

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What Does It Mean To Be Born Again? Part 1

2013 September 28

How much were you involved in making your natural birth happen? That is the point that Jesus is making in His conversation with Nicodemus. It is not what we must do but what God has done for us. That is grace, plus nothing.

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